Внеклассное мероприятие по теме «English Humour.» icon

Внеклассное мероприятие по теме «English Humour.»


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НазваниеВнеклассное мероприятие по теме «English Humour.»
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ТипВнеклассное мероприятие

Внеклассное мероприятие по теме « English Humour.»

(поссвященно 1 апрля)

Класс 9а

Учитель Бебик Ирина Анатольевна

Цели: Образовательные – Формирование и развитие коммуникативных умений и навыков учащихся.

Рвзвивающие- Развитие умения общаться.

Воспитательная –формирование эстетического и духовного развития личности.

Технологии- 1. Здоровьесберегающая

2. технология сотрудничества.

3. игровая


1 ученик- No one has a recipe for laughterbut we all recognize situations , texts or pictures which cause it. No one actually knows what humour is but many people may use it with uproarious effect and we may enjoy it.

2 ученик- We all think that we have “ humour” or a “ a sense of humour” . “ Poor thing” , we say sometimes, “ he has no sense of humour.”

3pupil- English dictionaries define humour as the quality of anything that is or seems tobe funny.

4 pupil- what are hthe things that we usually tell jokes about? In Russia , jokes are about famous people ( Vassily Chapaev has almost become a myth. ) ,politicians of the past and present, popular characters from the movies( Stierlitz and Muller) , Radio of Armenia, mothers-in-law, “new Russiana”…

5 pupil- In Great Britain, jokes are about land ladies, secretaries,Scotsmen,Irishmen…

6 pupil- But there is another type of humour , found in “slapstick” comedy, whichis used by clowns in the circus and sometimes by actorslike Charlie Chaplin.

7 pupil – It is a friendly type of violence where actors attack each other with buckets of water or cream cakes.

8 pupil- “Slapstick” humour , also called”banana-skin” humour , is appealing to an y audience.

9 pupil – We hope a small collection of jokes and an anecdote wil make you smile or laugh:

^ Father: Well, Tracy, what do you learn on your first day at school?

Tracy: Not enough , I have to go back tomorrow.


Teacher: What is the most common expression in school?

Boy: I don’t know.

Teacher: Correct.


Professor : Hawkins, what is a synonym?

Student: It’s a word you use in a place of another one when you cannot spell the oother one.


Bernard Shaw got an invitation to see a new play. After the performance the director asked the wrier : “ What is the difference between comedy , drama and tragedy?”

“ Young man, “ answered Bernard Shaw ,” the fact that you don’t know the difference between comedy, drama and tragedy is for me , personally, comedy, for the spectators –drama , and for you –tragedy.”

^ Here are some practical jokes . Which of them ,in your opinion , are innocent and which are harmful?

  1. pupil- On the morning of April 1st you open ,as usual, an instant coffee jar….When you taste your coffee, you realize that it has pepper in it…

  1. pupil- Two university students dismantle their professor’s car and put it together on the roof of his house.

3 pupil- Your headmaster walks around with a sign “ I am a fool” on his back.

4 pupil- You dial your friend’s number and say in a disguised voice:” This is the telephone company . There is some trouble with your line. Please do not answer any calls for the next 5 minutes or the person on the other end may be electrocuted . Thank you.” I n a minute or two you phone him again . when he answers the telephone, you just cry “AAAAAAAAAAAA!”

5 pupil- On your way home you find a thick purse lying on the pavement. But when you try to pick it up , someone pulls it away with astring.

^ And now we are going to show you a humourous play “ Haappy Birthday, Lady Moneybags!”

People in the play.

Narrator Lord Moneybags Guest 1

Manager Lady Moneybags Guest 2

Pedro Grandmother Other Guests

Suzie Jimmy Moneybags Robber 1

Mick ( a little boy) Robber 2

^ Police officers

In the restaurant.

The tables are set with table cloths and little pots of flowers. The narrator stands on the left.

Narrator This is the Hungry Horse restaurant. It isn’t a popular restaurant because the food isn’t very good and the staff are crazy.

The manager, Pedro, Suzie and Mick walk on. The manager is talking to his staff. They are Pedro the cook, Suzie the waitress and Mick the waiter. The manager is telling them some important news.

Manager. Tomorrow is a special day for the Hungry Horse restaurant. Lord Moneybags is going to eat here.

^ Mick. Why is he going to eat here? The food is terrible.

Suzie Perhaps his wife’s cooking is worse.!

Manager Lord Moneybags is going to eat here with his family and friends because it’s his wife’s birthday.!

Pedro Oh super! A birthday party! I’m going to make a cake!

Manager. Yes, Pedro ! mick and Suzie, you must be the best waiter and waitress in the world tomorrow! After this party Lord Moneybags and all his rich friends are going to eat here every week!

^ Mick. Wow1 the restaurant s going to be famous!

They all walk off the stage. Pause.

Narrator. Today is the day of the birthday party.

Mike and Suzie throw plastic plates ,cups, knives and forks on the tables. Pedro runs on and off stage and throws flour around at the staff.

Narrator. Now people are arriving for the party!

The manager, Mick, Pedro and Suzie stand and welcome Lord and Lady Moneybags, their son Jimmy and the grandmother to the restaurant.

Manager. Welcome and Happy Birthday, Lady Moneybags!

^ Jimmy fires a toy gun at the manager, Mick and Pedro.

Pedro. You’ve got a lovely little boy!

Pedro takes the toy gun and walks away.

Lord Moneybags. Thank you ! this is my mother, she is a bit deaf.!

Suzie. I’m happy to meet you!

Grandmother. No meat for me! I don’t eat meat!

^ Suzie. Come with me, please!

Grandmother. No cheese for me! I don’t eat cheese!

Suzie takes the grandmother , jimmy and Lord and Lady Moneybags to the table. They sit down. Then other people start to come into the restaurant. Suzie and Mick show them where to sit—but not in a polite way.

Suzie and Mick .this way! Over here1 sit here1 Hurry up!

^ Mick pulls a chair quickly and one person falls on the floor.

Narrator.Now the people are sitting and talking.

Suzie, Mick and Peter bring plates of food and bottles of juice and put them on the table. Everybody starts eating very quickly and pouring the juice into the cups.

^ Jimmy. Hey look! There are flies in this orange juice!

Mick. Oh no!

Mick runs to the table to look.

Oh , it’s OK! They can swim!

Guest1 (shouting and pulling a toy mouse) Hey, There’s a mouse in this food!

Suzie. Don’t worry, sir! There’s a cat under the chair!

Guest jumps with fear.

Guest 2. ( shouting and holding a plate up.) this cheese is horrible, it’s got holes in it1

Mick. Well, eat the holes and leave the cheese!

Lady Moneybags. The food is very hot!

Lord Moneybags. The food is very cold!

Manager. You must agree with your wife at her party!

Lord Moneybags. This restaurant is terrible! We are leaving!

^ Two robbers run into the room. They are wearing masks.robber1 runs and grabs Jimmy from his seat.

Robber1. You aren’t leaving! Give us your diamonds, Lady Moneybags, or we are going to take your son!

Robber2. Put your diamonds in this bag!

Lady Moneybags starts to take off her jewellery but Pedro is behind Robber2 . Pedro sticks Jimmy’s toy gun in the robber’s back.

Pedro ( shouting to the robbers)stick them up or yyour friend is dead meat!

Grandmother.I told you before! I don’t eat meat!

Robber1 lets Jimmy free .Mick grabs Robber2.

Lord Moneybags. ( talking on the mobile phone) Is that the police? Please come to the Hungry Horse restaurant—immediately!

Two police officers run on and take away the robbers. Pedro collapses and Suzie catches him. Jimmy runs and takes his gun.

Lord Moneybags. Thank you, Pedro!You saved my wife’s diamonds. My friends and my family are always going to eat in this restaurant!

The manager walks into the room with a big birthday cake with one big candle in the middle.

Manager. Happy Birthday, Lady Moneybags!

All ( sing)Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Lady Moneybags! Happy birthday to you!

Lady Moneybags blows out the candle and all the people cheer. Jimmy shoots his toy gun in the air.

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